How do we get 17 psf roof dead load for structural calculations

Roofing = 6.5 psf
Re-Roofing = 2.5 psf (this is because re-roofing is done without removing existing roofing)
1/2″ plywood (3 x 0.5 psf) = 1.5 psf
Insulation = 0.5 psf
Framing = 5 psf
Suspended Ceiling = 1 psf

Total Dead Load = 17 psf

Mechanical Equipment Load must be included.


AutoCAD WS The Mobile application for ipad and iPhone – Project Butterfly – Welcome to Mac world…the fall is going to be colorful

Autodesk is announcing the AutoCAD® WS mobile application for iPad™ and iPhone®
AutoCAD WS mobile will be available soon. This is going to be the free mobile app available in fall with its mac version of AutoCAD 201 and will let you view, edit, and share DWG™ files on your Apple® iPad, iPhone and iPod touch®.

Wouldn’t that be cool to have something on your iPhone or ipad? Take your device wherever you go and check your drawings on the go.

Along with Autodesk launching AutoCAD 2011 for Mac, we will also see AutoCAD WS mobile application which will become an amazing tool to edit, view and review CAD drawings on the go. This is part of Autodesk’s project butterfly.

With this you will be able to open DWG, view them, do the markups and also edit it! Isn’t that cool sitting in a meeting with no reason and marking up DWG at the same time? This mobile application will support xref, images, nudely, rotate, and also pan & zoom…..and oh by the way is going to be multi-touch (big wow!!!)

Now, how about this? You will also be available to share stand sync it with your desktop (as far as I understood).

Me being a structural engineer i would love to have something like this with me wherever i go!!! In a meeting or a site visit……i take my drawings wherever i go, edit it on the place or present a sketch in a meeting per client requirements or update it on the go something drawn by the draftsman and review it as well.

Now here are some questions before even it comes out…..will it allow to print or publish dwf or even better to remote printer? Will there be a dwf mark up facility?

We will se soon…….

Fall is about to become more colorful than ever!!!