Material Properties in Revit Structure!!!

Many times when we download Revit Libraries from online resources we do not find the right material that we need. In order to have the right material properties selected you can follow below procedures.

1. Open the .rfa (Family) file

2. Go to Manage >> Material tab from menu bar

3. Click on Material will open below window >> Add New Material (See very bottom left)

4. By clicking this icon it will ask you to duplicate material >> Click OK >>

5. Now…Look at right side of new window >>you will need to set up Material properties such as Graphic >> As shown below…

6. In Graphics Tab >> chose the material color (RGB code) or chose color from pallet. You can also select surface pattern.

7. Now we will select rendering of material…in this example its for wood material (Make sure to keep the same for entire library)…Please note that the RGB code for rendering may be different than your regular graphics RGB Code.

8. Now we will create identity of material….which is in our case>>>wood so it will not have manufacturer specific identity which may be the case in order to create manufacturer specific material properties.

8. Now we will add Physical properties, now this is very important in case of Revit Structure because if we want to incorporate in to any structural analysis software these properties may be transferred to the analysis program and hence modeling need to be done only once.

9. Hit Apply>>>OK. You are all set with your new material. Select elements of the revit family and apply this material.